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Free Trauma Energy

Encouraging Movement Through Exercise
(Evolved from Fireman's Tired Eyes To Include Everyone)

Fireman's Tired Eyes.... FTE
When I started this page, this is exactly where I was, exhausted and I had seen enough. Saturated sums it up clearly. Here I invite you to read and relate to your struggles and find comfort that you are not alone and that there is hope ahead. It can happen to anyone at any time. Together we support and inspire. 

By speaking out and through this site, I am actively supporting and encouraging others and bringing people together. Creating a bond with others who may be able to understand what you are going through and give you comfort that you are not alone and highlighting that recovery is possible.

Helping shift Trauma Energy from our bodies through exercise as 'Talk Therapy' can be difficult.

I soon realised after chatting to others, that my books and writings were geared toward Fire Service only, and excluded non-service personnel. The word 'Tired' for someone dealing with depression was possibly not a good choice of words either. Hence 'FTE' arose, offering, Free Trauma Energy. 
Since I began writing about my experiences, I have studied to help understand more and continued to exercise as an Alternative Therapy, but I have also trained myself online with courses about CBT, REBT, Depression and Anxiety, and Phobias. Recently, I completed courses on Trauma-Informed Somatic Exercises. Sometimes we need that little bit more than 'talk therapy.' Currently, I am studying a course on Qi Gong, Breathwork and Meditation. Trauma can be held in our bodies, maybe by stiff joints, aching muscles, headaches, and digestive and skin issues. The list is long and varied for us all.
So, it became FTE, and this I relate to as.....Free Trauma Energy.

All 3 books are available on the links below. Funds are being donated to The Firefighters Charity UK and Alerta (Bombeiros in Algarve) Alternative Therapies come along in many forms. 

A new book is coming soon, based on Somatic Healing exercises, simple and effective self-help techniques. A 'go-to' reference book and insight to daily exercises to restore the nervous system.

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JUNE 15th 2024 Chippenham to Bournemouth....and back!
(roughly 140 miles) In Memory Of Jordan Hazelwood 

FTE will be joining 2 young men, cycling in memory of their best mate.
Be Inspired By Your Own Actions, And By That Of Others
Please help share the message and help others.




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Sadly this is close to home as it's my eldest son's best mate, and a
lovely young man. PLEASE: Reach out and Speak out.

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