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"Welcome, and thank you for reaching out for yourself or for another, this takes courage. The message behind all this is far greater than just little me. As more and more people are reading, this message is spreading wider and wider globally. We owe it ourselves to be happy and healthy. My writings are about my struggles and then how I have dealt with them. I fully appreciate your struggles may be very difficult but know that when you are heard, you are on the road to recovery. I lead by example and hope to inspire."


This is based on my journey and my experiences alone.

I am very aware of 'triggers', so I hope by reading my blog you don't react to any of this.

If you do, it's ok. Take a moment and let it out. It's part of the healing process. 

(I have scaled down my details to incidents deliberately.) 


I am not a Therapist or Counsellor, nor wish to be. 

I have studied a course on PTSD, but am in no way advocating any skills. This is about giving support on Mental Health issues that arise from the effects of Trauma witnessed in the Emergency Services that can manifest into acute PTSD.

I've done this merely to help understand what I've experienced and in doing so be more able to write about it and possibly in an attempt to potentially help others. 

I am not here for sympathy, praise or credit. 

This is about giving back and helping and offering alternatives, like taking exercise and connecting with nature as an alternative when identifying your Triggers.

My journey is nothing compared to so many others out there dealing with the troubles of the world. I have changed it to incorporate Mind, as Mental Health issues are how we are coping and dealing with traumas we are witnessing. 

In a world where there is so much emphasis on being perfect, beautiful, big muscles, macho and brave, yet we have such a high rate of suicides, both male and female.

Are we our own worst enemy?

Are we trying to be someone else or be as good as someone else?

Remember we all have something to bring and contribute to the table in helping others.

Compassion comes in many forms.

But what we do forget is the most important of all.......  

Be here for you and help yourself too.


                     "So many suffer in silence unnecessarily"

In my career, I've always been there for everyone else first.

Suppressed my feelings and emotions and even missed events I cannot ever reclaim.

Things like kids and families birthday's or Xmas / NY celebrations.

On duty or going or coming off duty. Time events that cannot be recaptured.

Shift patterns of Public Servants are not family-friendly.

Life now, for me, out of the job is very different. No longer on a schedule and time scale. It has allowed me time to reflect and ponder on what I've witnessed, withstood and achieved.   

Stopping from a rapid pace of life has in turn allowed so much to show itself.

Stuff that was shoved down and forgotten, only to fester, consciously or sub-consciously.   

I hope I can highlight some signs and symptoms.

It may allow you to help yourselves through any troubling times.

We are all in this together and there is always an outreaching hand if needed.

                                                                     A healing process comes from within.....

                                                                     ...........................your journey, your pace.

I wish you well on your life's travels

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Links to professional help found on 'about me' page on this site. 

& Mind.
                    (4th and last Fire Helmet during my career, hence it's so clean)  
 When It's OK, to NOT be OK ......
Written to encourage and inspire.

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Rob Evans

Retired Fireman and Retired Falconer

“It won't happen 'til it happens.”

So don't stress over what

      you can't control..........

                 .........You can control your

                    thoughts and your reactions. 

They can't take my sense of humour, one of my daft quotes