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Alternative Therapies Awareness
Helping you overcome your struggles

What does this really mean?
Mental Health is a huge topic, it can seem overwhelming and sometimes too much. I have always had a simplistic approach to life. Offering easy achievable goals to support you on your healing journey.  

You have a very intuitive and compassionate understanding of the issues with the ability to sympathise and empathise. You write and talk with an informed simplicity that people can relate to. 

WOW, thank you for your kind honest words.

Everyone needs feedback and recognition, this is partly how we quantify and validate how we are doing. Encouragement goes both ways, as does support. 


It can mean something entirely different to all of us, remember we are all unique. Trauma and how we are affected have so many variables and sadly can stay hidden, trapped inside us for years, just waiting for either a trigger or quiet time to raise its ugly head. 

In my humble opinion and from my experiences, I can only say I truly believe that any healing begins when we acknowledge and become aware of the issues. 

What we have seen, heard or felt is absorbed into our bodies and stored, affecting our digestion, our muscles and joints, and even our thoughts, emotions and actions. 

We can take ownership of them, see them for what they really are and then look for a course of action to address and remedy them. It has been a long but worthy journey dealing with my own issues. Yes, it can still be a daily battle, but I am better prepared and aware now to deal with them when they do show up.

When we give ourselves time to sit and allow thoughts and emotions to arise, we can then begin to feel our emotions and in turn, be more aware of our responses.   

I have been exercising, mainly, Cycling and Karate for many years (over 30,) and it has been a huge support to me. Giving my body something to action and my mind a focus or space to process. 

You may be asking how has this helped.

Keeping it simple, just by moving we are creating flow, shifting stagnant energy within our body. 

Being aware of where in the body we may feel discomfort, how we hold ourselves and how we respond makes a huge difference to our lives. Even down to having intentional awareness of how we breathe. 

You may even be drawn to playing a musical instrument or art. When we have hand-eye co-ordination and focused attention we are being mindful. 

Exercise or whatever you enjoy allows you to move and be in the moment.

Connect with nature. Walk on the beach, in the park, in the woods. Go fishing. Hiking, cycling, canoeing, sailing, do whatever you need to do to make you happy. Dance, sing, play a guitar etc. 

Sit quietly and feel the earth's energy, notice the flowers, the bird song, and the rain. Take time to notice. Meditate. Stretch, do Yoga, Pilates, Karate, Tai Chi. 

Create a flow of energy. Notice the before and after feelings.

Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself time to rest and heal. 

Talk to others, professionals or friends, and allow yourself to be heard.

Journal and get things out of your head. Writing things down or reading them back can make a big difference. 

And remember to smile and have fun. Positivity is infectious.   

A new 4th book is being written, offering simple self-help exercises, ( all this is being written in between the cycling and so much more.) Plus I am building Workshops and 1-1 sessions that will initially be online too.  It all takes time. However all the time I am improving and understanding my needs of myself and that of others. I am hoping to be able to offer something special and relatively simple, so we can all benefit from utilising the exercises that work for you. 

Keep following and message me if interested. Bespoke tuition also available.


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