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Enough is enough.......

I know I wrote a blog only yesterday, but I feel compelled to write again and defend individuals.

Defend individuals for putting themselves out there and trying. I stand up against the masses of the ignorant, small-minded, self-opinionated, 'Oh I could have been this and that,' but you chose the easy option and got lazy, or adopted the, 'blame someone else culture' and hung onto 'the world owes me' attitude. Expecting everything and giving nothing.

How easy is it to pick fault and blame?

Especially when it's fuelled with beer and lager.

The mentality of the said masses, unfortunately, attract the media, and it becomes sensational news. The media take the blame here too, for they have a responsibility to make a stand and report the good that people do in the world and not just the infectious ignorant ones.

What's the phrase? Empty vessels make the most noise!

I as you may or may not know I have played football myself. Until I chose a career in the Fire Service. Semi-pro, which is nothing compared to the England team, but even back then the infectious rot of humanity was there. I was even lucky enough to represent Wiltshire as a ball boy at the England / Denmark game when I was 15 years old. I walked out directly behind the team member Sami Lee. It is something I will never forget. The roar of the crowd was amazing. So I can say that energy can be felt down onto the pitch. I was actually disappointed not to have been playing.

What I am leading to, is that whilst here that night, I was subjected to horrendous verbal abuse from the crowd even back then, just because I was, 'in their way,' it was my job to be up moving about. This could have affected me from here onwards.

Verbal abuse and physical abuse has to stop.

I wasn't good enough to make the grade in a football career, but at least I tried.

I am also a good friend of a parent to an England squad member, we go back to school days. His morals and standards are reflected in his son. I would gladly stand shoulder to shoulder with them both. I'd even say I would stand in front, so the idiots would have to get past me first!

I have more respect for them and for a team that is trying their best than I do in the cold-hearted masses that can sadly influence someone's mental health and in turn their physical wellbeing.

For every racist and hurtful comment thrown without thought, how would you feel if this had such a drastic effect and they took their own life? Or this was your son? But then I may be right in thinking you're mental thought process might not comprehend this anyway. Just know that we need each other from all walks of life and globally in the skills of being athletes and sports personnel, teachers, doctors, police officers, and so many more, and of course firefighters. Every one of us from different cultures and nations helping others and inspiring others to better themselves in their life. So don't be flippant with your comments.

Remember the suicide rate of males is around 25 people a day.

I cannot and will not tolerate this crazy pathetic behaviour. When the said masses have actually been on the receiving end of lifting casualties and dead bodies that have been driven to this point after abuse, maybe and only maybe will they begin to comprehend. Sadly due to lack of thinking, morals or standards, I believe it will be wasted. I write this to applaud the team for trying and getting as far as they did. Pick yourselves up, dust off and learn from it. You still have another day.

Do not let the snide remarks get to you and remember who they were when you make it big too.

Encouragement is the new trend. Bitterness and jealousy and hatred have no place in society. If you want something, get up and make it happen. Improve your mind and lifestyle by your actions, not by someone else's.

Not one individual lost that game last night. Maybe they lost due to a lack of support?

Think about the energy you were giving off.

From elation to the first goal, to anxiety and fear creeping in and doubts. All this in the, what was it? 65k people were manifesting itself onto the pitch.

So for those who throw shitty comments, I ask you to get up and stand and be counted. You stand in front of this many people, let alone be scrutinised by the TV over and over again, and hold your nerve. This negative energy is exactly why I won't watch any games and more.

It takes balls, courage and guts to put yourself out there.

My heart goes out to the team, but you have another day. Ignore the comments, the nation has to get rid of this attitude, not just through sports or politics, but through parents and their children.

Encouraging others can and will have a huge effect on someone else.

Make this infectious and make a positive difference to the world.

Before you say it, will it affect others.

Some people have longer memories than others so comments go in and go deep.

Respect others.

Raising Mental Health Awareness.


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