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The Perfect Gift

What is the perfect gift?

You may even ask, what is a gift?

For many now, sadly, it's no longer a gift that matters based on its size, it's the value or it's the seeking of the next best shiny version.

Conditioned by wanting more.

I recall as a child, having more fun with the empty box, hurtling down the stairs in it, or making a bow and arrow and firing it into it. The gift of a child with Imagination. And it is free.

So why do we not do this now? Why do we stifle our imagination? And not pursue our dreams.

For the majority, it's that time of year when it is put upon us to be festive and merry.

To rejoice and forgive. To make New Year's resolutions and have fun!

To exchange presents and fill the room with joy and laughter.

To get caught up in the euphoria and excitement, down that extra few drinks egged on by everyone else, overindulge, only to feel like shite the next day.

How true to yourself were you being?

How we fuel our bodies affects how we think and respond. Is this right?

Yet we are all very capable of choices.

And sadly, alas, reality can be a far cry from this utopia scenario.

The reality of the following day, when on your own can be complete opposites.

So, give yourself the gift you deserve and be 'KIND' to yourself too.

The reality of so many people being alone, hungry, tired, overdrawn, and in debt. Stressed and overwhelmed by the demands society expects of us all. Commercially placing the flashing lights and sparkle of 'SALES' and 'must have it now,' attitude, only to be in another sale the following week. If it can be half-price now, it was never worth double in the first place!

It makes me seem like I'm a 'bah humbug,' but I am not. It's just after seeing reality up close and having been there in circumstances not of my own doing, having very little, I struggle to be over-excited and exuberant. Don't get me wrong, deep down there is still an element of magic. I love seeing people happy.

I find more joy in being 'present' and helping. And this I can do all year round and every day.

This may be my gift to strangers, catching a glimpse of a smile after making eye contact on the commuter train traveling to work. Yes, I have taken on a full-time job, where I am continuing to help others.

I no longer wear the Fire Tunic, but I am still the same person, and witnessing so many people with heads down aimlessly scrolling on the mobiles or holding a vacant stare into nothingness, I make time to connect. To make eye contact and maybe a small nod of the head or smile. Then even a question of 'how are you today?' Parting saying, 'Have a great day' can make a huge difference to someone. Or guiding someone to the right platform after hearing them panicking about which platform and train to run to, as they rush by.

Simple steps to make people's lives easier.

We all have the gift of love and positivity.

If I can deplete myself and share some of my positivity, offering up the tiniest percentage of this and share my energy of goodwill and positivity, knowing that it may boost someone else 30 or 40 percent, lifting them from their troubled depths, then, absolutely, yes it's worth it!

Giving and wanting nothing in return. This is an amazing gift.

We all have so many gifts and talents within us, stuffed deep down and kept under wraps in case we are judged and criticized, labeled and persecuted, merely compounding our insecurities and self-doubts, allowing others ill-placed judgments to highlight our weaknesses as they see them in their opinion, which stifles our growth and well being.

Rather than encouraging and supporting, allowing us to grow and ignite the spark of brilliance we can bring to the table.

It's this uniqueness we all have that makes the world fascinating.

For so many, the circumstances we are facing control the outcome, and yet, with the tiniest glimmer, we can alter the energy from feeling lost and alone to being heard, acknowledged, worthy, and valued again.

We all have the ability and presence within us.

You see, we are the 'gift.'

Every one of us.

We can pass on this gift without the exchange of materialistic items.

Children, parents and grandparents, and people of all colors, creeds, nations, and societies just want to be happy and loved.

To have security of shelter and food. It's not much to ask, is it?

So what is the perfect gift?

Maybe it's the silencing of guns, destruction, and war.

Maybe it's the ability to not be starving and cold.

Maybe it's the ability to see others, and I mean truly see others.

To acknowledge them as a human being.

To share space, offering a respite from the harsh cold winds, even just for an hour. Enabling this person or animal to warm themselves and momentarily shelter, to consume some hot food or a drink, to sustain them a little longer as they go back out in the cold.

Notice what simple life luxuries you do have!

Now spare a thought for those who don't right now.

This is gratitude. So, I continue to give support to those who need it the most by encouraging and supporting as best I can, blessed by the moment in life I have at this moment, a home, a job, food and clothing, my health and choices.

My gift will be spending 'Time' just being present when I can. What's my Gift?

To look after myself first, so I can look after and hold space for others.

Who's coming to rescue me?

It's not Selfish, it's being Selfless.

Be there for yourself and you will be stronger for others.


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