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Does anyone actually care?

Yep, a very deep and open question. But it's true to some degree, right?

What does caring really mean?

We are living in a time, when so many are over-stressed, overworked, and bombarded continuously with stimulus and at times, all it seems is the 'fear factor' from the media, thrust upon you, to keep you on heightened alert. Subduing your rational thinking.

And yet are we are own worst enemies?

We can choose to not watch any of it or keep it to a minimum. I am sure years ago there were different stressors, yet we have a society, fortunately, in a minority, that can appear to be on self-destruct and full of greed with contempt for anyone else. Almost oblivious to treading on others to shine and gain trophies. Turning a blind eye and looking down on them as if inferior. For those doing this, please know that life can hit hard and can change in a blink of an eye. Not one of us is invincible or immortal.

Ask yourself, would anyone care if roles were reversed?

How would this make you feel?

And then we are having people's lives stuffed down our throats, showing us all how wonderful it is and how successful they are. Or how amazing their figure or physique is.

And what does this really do to everyone else?

How is it received?

I am delighted to see people experiencing life and traveling, to reach their goals, and maybe that's because my mindset has changed.

I have learned as I've aged that everything isn't always as it seems, the successful and winners are also just as lonely and have their own struggles too, they are just different. Are they looking for praise and acknowledgment for all the sacrifices they have endured, or is it simply they just want to be seen and heard like everyone else too?

What makes someone strive to such levels?

I continually push myself outside of my comfort zone. Why? I am still working on this to unravel.

This is mine to hold and I don't want to share it with the world, maybe only those very close to me, but I am getting closer to understanding why.

I continue to post my challenges and achievements in a bid to encourage and inspire others. To show them that anything is possible, if we try and keep trying. To believe in ourselves.

But I keep finding myself contemplating the thought, 'Does anyone actually care?'

So what if this person or that person can do this or that, how does this affect me, right?

We may just look up and see this and think, 'Well done', or 'It's alright for you,' but then quickly we go back to head back down and trudge through our own struggles again.

My point here is that by actually acknowledging this achievement, we have chosen to open up our mindset and see a positive outcome, not only in someone else but also in ourselves too. We should never assume that someone who can win a race has got it easy. Put this into perspective, Mr. Bolt, the 100-meter runner, used to train for 4 years to run a 9-second race. That's a hell of a lot of hours of training, commitment, and dedication. What was his drive? Well, that's his call and for him alone to answer.

Sadly when someone can achieve such a thing of endurance, it becomes expected of them. It's accepted as no big deal, the wow factor can be lost. People quickly forget that it takes commitment and strength to continuously show up. And with this, comes injuries and setbacks too. And I know I am using exercise as a comparison, but I am very aware, for some at times, merely getting out of bed and feeding themselves can be hard enough. It is likened to the same struggles and challenges, but of course different. In bouts of depression, merely getting out of bed can feel like you've run a marathon.

This may be said for those who care.

It can become overlooked and taken for granted. No one owes you a service, they do it out of the goodness of their hearts. The NHS and so many others are struggling, and yet how quickly, people will scorn them. Until you have trodden the path they are on, do not criticize or judge.

So how can we change this critic within us?

Caring starts from within. It's how we show up to ourselves, not the world. Look at how we show up, what we do to contribute, and what effects we have on others. One person's shitty mood, should not be passed around or burdened. A snide comment or even lack of comment could just be enough when received by another, to give up hope and collapse. I applaud everyone trying to better themselves. It may be their first day and if ridiculed, may drop further into despair, and yet smiled at, cheered, and acknowledged, maybe the start of a complete change. A change that will not be easy and will take courage and mental strength to progress. Trust me, it doesn't come easy either. There is enough noise in our heads with voices telling us we are useless, or to give in and to quit, it certainly doesn't need an external voice that knows nothing about you to join in.

Imagine if the words we speak or selfless actions help change one person's day or life.

Imagine all our own body cells responding and reacting to the words we say and to what we call ourselves when things go wrong. Telling yourself, just one more step, one more peddle, and one more hill, all help to overcome and achieve. So we can talk ourselves beyond what we thought and we can talk ourselves out of it too.

Being content and happy doesn't mean, ripped muscles and a six-pack, or flashy materialistic things, it can literally mean you carry yourself with an inner pride and smile, with an energy you are happy with, and hold gratitude for all that you have in your daily life.

Showing up for yourself and continually trying to better yourself so you can be there for yourself and for others.

Being the best I can be, for me.

To have calm and confident energy is something we should all strive for.

Imagine how infectious this is.

Imagine your energy having a ripple effect on others.

Imagine, if we, before criticism, all praised and encouraged.

Speak with your heart, speak with integrity, speak with clarity.

Even a whisper will be keep going, you're progressing.


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