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Stand up and stand proud.

I stand here now and I stand tall. In support of so many struggling with life. Proud of what I've done, proud of what I stand for. I've been broken, twisted and drawn, tired hungry and struggling with life. And at the same time been there to help support and care for others, to encourage and got through so much of my stuff I was dealing with. I chose to fight back and deal with my stuff and along the way had support and encouragement from others So I choose to not be influenced by news and negative comments. I cannot know what you or the next person is dealing with. Only when we communicate how we feel do we then start to understand. So do not challenge someone who is openly talking about how they feel. You have no idea really how they or I feel. Unless they or I choose to give you that information. Do not then search for a label and quickly place it on them. We can witness the same things but be affected differently depending on our past experiences. Health issues should be talked about. I opened up to the world being vulnerable and to encourage others. Showing you that its OK, to not be OK. DO NOT see this as a weakness. Even the strongest can have bad days. If you consider me weak, then be prepared to be mistaken. But that's is your choice of perception. I chose to open up...... open to your criticism. But I choose to encourage by showing others what I've been through knowing they possibly will have experienced similar things too. To help them on their journey. Having my own freedom of choice, already makes me stronger than those influenced by news. Choose wisely Choose to encourage Choose to makes this world a better place In times when we need empathy and not be distracted by loud noises and hot air......just saying

If you are struggling or in need of help, reach out to professional bodies who will assist you in your recovery journey. Sometimes we need to empty the burdened rucksack we carry to see exactly what we are carrying around. Then decide which ones we can leave out and give back.

Stay positive and keep talking.


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