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When energy is felt ...

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

No matter what your thoughts are on the Royal family and their roles, etc, the death of

her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth 2nd has had an effect on everyone around the world. A person that has touched many hearts and in turn, changed how they feel. People have been inspired and encouraged by her actions and her Majesty, may not even have been aware of this. When energy, and I mean positive energy is passed on, we have no idea the influence and impact. Sadly, this too goes for negative energy. We should be more aware of how we speak to others and how it will make them feel.

Watching the sons, daughter and family walk behind, we have no idea what is going on in their minds. How life has affected them and why it has influenced decisions they make now.

Having studied as much as I have about PTSD and mental health since leaving the Service, I have acquired skills to help look to reframe and flip my thinking. I find gratitude in that I am not there today, walking behind and being scrutinised by the world. Trying to hold it together. A stiff upper lip and no emotion. To me, it's not real. I can feel the emotion from others, so I have to admit I have turned off the TV and go back now and again as it's too much. Plus, we have storms rolling in and out.

I do not consider myself weak, I am just empathic and caring. I have to deal with things my way. Funerals bring up too much for me. The finality of it and the loss, of family and friends and many people no longer here. How others have made you feel and what has been said. Funerals can be strange in that emotions are heightened to an already sensitive person.

I do believe that energy cannot be destroyed, only changed. We have tiny miracles happening every day around us. Allowing ourselves to be open to see them takes a conscious mind.

The strength of mind to carry out a duty of this magnitude needs to be strong and resilient.

During today's procession, where millions are watching, there have been major shifts in the world's energy creating Earthquakes and storms, charged electrical particles resonating and colliding. Has this been influenced by millions and millions of people?

Maybe it's all coincidence, who truly knows?

Fish will swim to the reef beds and shelter as earthquakes happen, seeking to hide from the aftereffects of Tsunami's. Birds will take to the air or go silent. I recall my Birds of Prey at a static display would drop and hunker a second before any static release of lightning or clap of thunder.

I was at an event only holding one bird at a time on the glove. It was an intense storm. But no rain. The air was filled with static energy and very high. Energy is definitely felt. I am sensitive to these storms, feeling it in my stomach. An un-ease and slight tightening. I can recall this happening even in my childhood. I can feel air pressure changes and feel a storm coming in way before it arrives. As I have become accustomed to them and allowed myself to resonate with them, I have acquired a skill that I can use to help tune in to my body as well as with nature. It may sound whacky but work with animals for long enough and you will understand.

Listening and feeling where we are holding onto emotions. Crying is a release and a healthy release of emotion, and the more you see in the crowds the more you begin to feel it. Energy is infectious. Seeing others let go allows you the permission to follow suit.

There is no shame. We are only human.

The Queen has been the figurehead, the 'Boss' of Services, and Monarch of the Nation and Commonwealth for 70 years. This post isn't political, this is purely about showing my respect and about energy.

Some have had the recognition of their acts and others have just quietly carried on about their day and gone unseen, but the achievement is still there. Energy can be that of a look, a smile, a clap or wave, or even a handshake or hug. Energy connections can be physical or emotional. The smallest, even a simple smile, can have a drastic effect and change someone's life.

Acknowledgement, you've been seen. You have been heard.

This can open up a new pathway for you to tread.

Maybe ask yourself, what would you do if you had to step into the role of Queen or King? Remember this was taken on at such a young age of 21. I joined the Fire Service at 21. This was tough enough. Others were less fortunate and off to war at an even younger age. So, I find gratitude in many things and for my time in life. I am not sure many would have coped and carried it out as well following their duty stowed upon them. So, when we talk about choices, remember how fortunate we are at times compared to others.

A funeral conjures up so many emotions for all of us. The passing of her Majesty will mean so much to all of us in our own ways. Those who have fought and lost colleagues in her name. Those who have served and continue to serve. And those who follow in admiration and are inspired by the fortitude and strength within a person. We all have a duty and roles to play in our lives, but how many would take on such a role where the world and the media are always upon you?

Where the critics are lurking, ready to pounce, because of one slight error through a facial movement or misfortune timing. Remember everyone is only human after all.

Today, 19th September 2022, is of National mourning in the UK. A day of reflection. Maybe a day off releasing stuffed-down emotions. Pent-up feelings that have not been dealt with.

We, (my wife and I,) are way down in Portugal, but we can feel the emotion and sorrow of thousands through the TV.

The Earth's energy it would seem is in mourning too, as the Queen's procession is carried out, we have thunder and lightning here. Rainbows showing up at poignant moments have been witnessed already back in the UK over this last week.

Energy is infectious and can be felt if open to feeling it.

It can also be readily dismissed or embraced.

We have a choice. So, although there is sadness on this day, where many will reflect back on their close loved ones no longer with us, may it also be a day of looking back and finding gratitude for the happy times and love that can be felt too.

From an open loving heart, apologies for I am not religious, however, I am spiritual and open-minded, may we find joy in this day too. I write when inspired to write and it helps me process things. We all deal with things our own way.

A joining of sorrow turns into a pulling together of strength and respect for one another.

Respecting others' opinions and beliefs, holding back and being non-judgemental.

Allowing the magnitude of the world we live in to show us the miracles and beauty it holds.

If nothing else Queen Elizabeth has unified many.

Much respect M'am.

Setting the standards.

The Queen is dead.

Long live the King.


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