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'Actions speak louder than words.'

This is an old saying, but it is so true.

How often have we all said things like, 'oh, I must do this and must do that, or, 'I will do that tomorrow.' I know during my service I could be writing up a fire report or inspection report, (hey we like reports!!) Or training records of the crews. We were accountable for everything. And you really are stretched for time, but in comes a 'Fire Call'. Our time was never our own whilst on duty. Drop everything and go to help others. It will have to wait.

We all talk about how we would love to do this and that, putting things off for another day.

What if we have less time than we thought?

Would you change your priority list?

Hindsight is a great leveller. It allows us a chance to reflect and evaluate what happened and analyse to see if we could have done it better.

We have a world where so many people are now critics and sofa analysts, full of opinions and right and wrongs. Eager to be the first to challenge and belittle others for trying. Or to label them and add to their mental burden. To squash another's enthusiam.

It matters not the size, age or physical abilities of an individual, if they are out there doing their best, then they are doing more than those who seek to criticise. They are doing what they said they would do. Working on themselves to get better. This takes courage and determination. Challenges are already stacked against them so don't add any more. If you have any integrity, you will assist and encourage them to break down these obstacles. A helping hand.

Since writing and then publishing now 2 books, I have had so many people say, 'wow that's amazing, I would love to write a book.' We all have a book inside of us. What's stopping you?

It takes a determined step forward or a step up to meet challenges. I have to admit I was floored after submitting the first book for professional analysis. It was ripped to shreds. It was their job to highlight issues. I get it, but after you lay yourself out there and you still get stood on, it takes 'umph' to get back up. I am never down for long and am fortunate to have a determined mindset, so I revamped both books and now I am almost there in completing book 3. The bigger picture of helping others now or later, as none of us knows if and when things will arise, is far greater than my ego being kicked down.

If you don't try, you will never know.

If you don't move, you will still be exactly where you are now.

We have to act to help ourselves.

Ask yourself, what dreams you would love to do?

What is holding you back?

Ask what would it take to achieve?

How can it be achieved?

Formulate a plan....

How good would it feel?

What if tomorrow isn't promised?

It's motivational, isn't it?

This isn't about being negative, this is about encouraging and getting up and taking action.

Connecting with colleagues and friends, going to places and seeing things you have always wanted to see. Is there another way I can help myself or others?

It takes action to pick up the phone for help or to talk to your mates when you may not be in a good place mentally. It might be exactly what they needed, you both win.

A cheer of well done maybe the best boost to the struggling runner as they were about to give up and call it a day. Seeing results doesn't happen overnight. It takes a regular daily commitment to change our mental and physical health. A smile and acknowledgement to the homeless person. They didn't choose to be here, and how it could easily be any one of us with twists of circumstances. A holding of a door and a thank you for having it held. We should take nothing for granted. Wealth means nothing to us if we are trapped in a car and needing to be rescued.

None of us knows what another is dealing with, so next time you see another person struggling, ask yourself if you can do or say something that will help?

Remember your actions are great than your words.

Words can cut deep, but acts of kindness far outway of this.

So before you say things, ask yourself, 'how would it make you feel to receive these words?'

If your mind keeps prompting you with the same questions, then maybe we should listen to them and take the brave step or stand up.

My old saying,

'it won't happen until it happens'

so true..... sometimes we have to take action and

'Sometimes you have to make it happen.'

Sending positive vibes and energy to all.

Books available on Amazon. Funds raised are going to the Firefighters Charity

and Bombeiros here in Portugal.



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