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Are we affecting our planet with our energy?

This isn't new, it isn't whacky and it does work. For centuries, wise people have sat under trees to meditate. Why you may ask? Simply because they are tuning into the earth's healing energy. Allowing space to hold a calm presence of body and mind.

Not everyone will immediately understand and possibly ridicule seeing someone doing this, but ask yourself, who is the person with a balanced calm energy?

Who is happier and which energy is the most infectious and of the greatest benefit to their health?

Sounds and energy are bombarding us all the time. If anyone is thinking, it's all crap, may I ask how by listening to music you can be feeling happy or sad from just a few notes? Or when 1000s of people can be affected at music concerts. Or sadly as millions are protesting around the world or at a football stadium? An excited or hate energy has a ripple effect, some just get caught up in it and can't help themselves. Energy is infectious.

The world has its own too. This frequency is known as the 'Earth's Heartbeat'.

It is most calming at 7.83 Hz but can range up to 33.8 Hz. During thunder and lightning storms which surprised me, I thought it would be the opposite, actually creates low frequency, and it has been proven to affect the human brain's frequencies too. Our experiences are noted and we are on high alert the next time a storm rolls in, expecting the worst to happen. Already we are emitting the same energy back and maybe causing the fear factor to be exaggerated onto others.

From my own studies of the weather, I have had quite some experiences during my career and after whilst living near the Pyrenees mountains, trust me I have had many, I can honestly say that getting statically charged by the lightning directly and very low above my head whilst shutting the last window shutter, made me feel very insignificant. It was the loudest crack I have ever heard and felt the intense energy rip through the night sky above us. I instinctively ducked my head and chuntered, 'phooking hell,' to which my wife called out, 'was I ok?' My reply was, 'I think so'!! This energy is real and unless experienced, you cannot appreciate its strength. I went back indoors and on laying back in bed although I felt fine, my feet were shaking. I climbed out and put them against the wooden door and felt the energy discharge. I have been out in all weather and storms at incidents as a Firefighter, up on roofs and climbing ladders but never experienced anything like this. I've been to homes that have caught fire and had to be dismantled after being hit by lightning.

This charged energy streaks down following something similar to a tree root or capillaries from our lungs, breathing and flowing life. It is alive.

All this has made me curious and studying when storms are around, it would seem quite regularly that when the world has 1 storm, it very often continues around the world on the latitude or just above or below. Now there may be a scientific reason behind all this, but I believe that we may be influencing the weather.

For those that have noticed wearing certain clothes you can hear and see if undressing in the dark the static electricity from clothing as you remove it, or you may have received a whack or belt as you touch the car and earth from it. But how many just curse or laugh it off and continue? At what point do we stop and think, how and why is this happening?

Here's another example maybe. How many have walked into a room and felt the tension from others that have been in mid-flow off and heated argument?

This is all energy. We give it off and we receive it. What we see, hear, and absorb from all the media stimuli has an effect on our bodies. Energy cannot be destroyed but it can be changed.

It can be stored in crystal and stones and are used to help align our nervous system and aid healing. If you have ever encountered a 'singing bowl' you will know that the sound resonates for a long time after sounding it. If this doesn't make sense, then if you have heard a jet plane or better still felt it resonate in your chest as it takes off, then you may grasp it better.

Sound and vibration are energy.

Low energy hardly moves and high energy is fluid and has room to expand.

So what if when we are wearing rubber-soled shoes and nylon clothing we are getting a static charge every time we touch the metal of a door or car, how many times do we take it before doing something about it? How many of you wear shoes in the house? Or instantly put on slippers or indoor sneakers? How many of you walk barefoot in the house or in the garden? How many homes have carpet throughout the property?

If we can see that we are creating static and holding on to it, then it is no wonder our bodies are on overload. So could we in fact be influencing the weather? Millions of statically charged bodies whiz around generating hyper energy. How many of you can actually feel the weather changing?

I was very aware when I had my birds of prey. They were so in tune that they knew. I learned from them, watching their body language for a hard cold spell coming in or a storm. During a school talk, I was holding my Eagle Owl, and there was a storm outside. She would hunker her head down a split second before the crack of lightning and would ease off with the roar of the thunder.

Animals know before an earthquake or tsunami. We can learn so much from nature and if you are still skeptical, ask yourself, how do animals behave around you?

Are they calm and do you find cats and dogs or horses will just come up to you, comfortable in your energy?

So what if we are contributing to the energy of the earth? What can we do?

Maybe consider not wearing socks and walking barefoot more often.

Ground yourself and discharge by standing on grass, stones, and sand.

Pause and allow the energy to dissipate.

Breathe and tune into mother nature.

Open your senses to the sounds of everything around you.

Listen to the ocean or the trees as they breathe.

Bring your mind to the present moment.

If we can change ourselves and we know we can have an effect on others, we have to take ownership and responsibility for our energy so as not to make someone else's worse.

Maybe we are contributing to the increasingly bigger storms the world is experiencing.

Acknowledge how it makes you feel by feeling grounded.

Calm and confident and able to cope.

We have this available to us and it's free.

Becoming aware and making changes takes skill and effort, but the benefits are very worth it.

Mother nature will win.

She provides everything we need.

Give yourself time and space to listen.

Everything will balance out when we work with it and not against it.


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