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Change your thinking, change your perspective.

This I know is a bold statement and with so many under such intense pressure from the world situation, it would be too easy to just dismiss it and carry on, head down, and trudge away.

This picture shows how one person's thought process can throw them into panic and the others are to accept and chill, go with the flow.

If the depth of the water was less, then just putting your feet down on the bottom would prevent panic. A lot depends on where you are at the time of the event.

How saturated are you all ready?

Is your coping capacity stressed and nearly full?

Are you thinking rationally and clearly?

Or are you responding and reacting in that 'fight, flight, freeze' mode?

There are so many variables and our lives are incredibly complex.

This is exactly why taking a break and resting will help us in our recovery and thought process.

How do I know? Because I have been there. Yes, I can swim and I am water rescue trained so I guess water is not my enemy, but falling in and having the inconvenience of falling in, could be enough to trigger a response I wouldn't normally react with.

Retraining our thought patterns and responses takes time. For example, you aren't going to get a 6-pack by going to the gym once or twice, it takes regular visits and exercise, and commitment. Plus you may find yourself having to change your diet, you can do all the exercise in the world but if you are fueling yourself with the wrong foods then it's not going to help. I'm not advocating stop eating this and that, I'm saying, think about what you eat and how it's affecting you. Energy foods will sustain you and aid your muscles and allow you to think clearer.

Your decisions are sharper and your responses are not reactive.

The old saying of 'take a deep breathe and count to 10', is exactly the right thing to do.

Pause and think before responding. Before answering, how would I respond to receiving my answer about to be spoken?

This is what can make all the difference at a house fire. An assessment (recce,) of the building to get a full true picture of what is happening, before committing your crew to make a rescue.

Take a few seconds to think calmly. It could be life or death, literally, so it has to be right.

So when buzz words are mentioned, 'grounding, forest bathing, mindfulness, meditation,' don't automatically switch off and go into 'avoidance mode' as this is a clear sign of PTSD, hey I can relate to this on so many things too, maybe sit with it and see what happens. I still avoid loud music and crowds. The energy is too high.

Mindfulness can be scary if not used to it. Answers to questions may pop up in your head. Yet sometimes the right answers are the hardest answers. Being told the truth can be taken the wrong way and held against the person saying it. But seriously, who is at fault?

You are sitting doing nothing and just being. Thoughts will come in and out, the secret is to let them come in, but to also let them go. You are just sitting and re-energizing.

Allowing your mind and body to connect with itself and discharge from pent-up energy.

When you can teach yourself to do this you are changing the chemistry of your body.

Try it for at least a week, ideally over 21 days.

This way you are adapting and reprogramming your body and mind.

So, going back to the picture, changing how we think will change how we feel and vice versa.

You fall into the water, accept that you are wet. Oh well, may as well enjoy it then! Shouting or getting angry isn't going to help, you are still wet!

Change your thinking, change your perspective.

We owe to ourselves to be happy and healthy too.

Be encouraged to find your courage, be inspired, and act so that you inspire.

I have always led by example. I will always encourage others to achieve their goals.

Encouraging is the new trend. Positive energy is infectious too.


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