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Making it Happen.....

After last summer where I entered the Mediofundo Portimao Road race, 1st ever event and way out of my comfort zone. 84km.....anyway I completed it, I had a crazy idea of creating a Cycling kit to help promote awareness of PTSD and mental health, encouraging others to reach out and speak out. We are social creatures, so to suffer in silence is something we shouldn't have to be struggling with.

I started writing to get 'stuff" out of my head and to process my thoughts. It did get easier and the more I wrote the more others said they needed to hear it.

It takes one small voice, even a whisper to have a ripple effect. So if this kit is seen I sincerely hope it will show you that we can get ourselves in a good place again.

Alternative Therapy through exercise Everything I do is to encourage and inspire, not only for myself but for others too. Support comes along in many forms. We all need it.

I will be out and about around the Algarve, continuing my training for the World Firefighters Games in Lisbon on 7th May. This isn't about me, it's about others, Firefighters, Police, Ambulance, Military, Nurses, and so many more non-service personnel.

Mental health has no boundaries.

So many people are dealing with so much I wore a uniform for many years, and I was identifiable, it gave comfort and hope seeing help had arrived when they were in need. I wear this now to encourage others to deal with their stuff, little pieces at the time, not to be afraid to be open. We can all be vulnerable at times. It's at these times we need support

Anything is possible if we believe it and want it, making it happen, needs action. Make that phone call or text your mates....don't put it off. Listen to upbeat music, Go for a walk, exercise.....hey ride a bike


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