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Reframing your thoughts...Encourage and Inspire.

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

We all have bad or difficult days. Sometimes it's not our fault, things break and life seems to just get in the way. Slowing us down, compounding the list and now it all seems even more limited, living under the time constraints we rule our lives by.

Aaagghhhh! Makes you just want to scream right? Yep, we can all relate to this.

And recently I've had a few. The internet was slow, (nothing compared to France,) or everything electrical I touched just either didn't work or took ages. Obviously, my energy was not good or I was being guided to do something differently! We are all a mass of energy after all.

Eventually, I couldn't fight it anymore so I walked away and went along the beach for some open space and fresh air. My energy was being felt by my wife in the house, as much as I tried to hide it too. Best get out, lol! As hard as I tried, it was coming out from me.

A simple step in helping yourself, remove yourself from the situation.

We cannot control the uncontrollable.

Then all week whilst I have been out training for the exciting events I have planned for next year to help raise awareness and funds, the winds have been relentless.

It's a unique cycling trait that you can cycle a circuit and have the wind in your face the whole way round. Today was another real 'toughy.' But rather than give in and fold, I reframed my thoughts and turned them into positives.

Firstly, I questioned myself as to why I was out cycling anyway! It is bloody hard work after all.

Oh yes, I reminded myself, it's to raise awareness of PTSD, etc..... and ultimately to inspire and encourage others that anything is possible if willing to try and keep trying.

Then at times with my legs hurting and tight neck from the hunching down to reduce the wind hitting me, I had both screaming at me to stop and give in.

Again, why was I out cycling? Have I gone mad? Don't answer that!

But hey, a little insanity in this crazy world helps!!

Never lose your sense of humour.

So changing my thought process to not quit and give in to the signals my muscles and body are sending me, I give myself a training aid and alternative thought process. Or let's call it a training partner and an incentive to keep moving. I don't want to fail.

In my many long years of karate, you had a big incentive, someone was trying to punch or kick you.

Now I train on my own in Karate as it is easier for me I guess, not to commit to a club.

But with the cycling, I am out mainly on my own.

This takes determination and drive to not find reasons to stop and quit. The same can be said for anyone dealing with PTSD, depression and mental health issues. You face it and keep going.

This takes courage and even more so to start to deal with it. Keep going, you are amazing.

So, by practising what I am saying, I have been reframing this week whilst dealing with the winds.

I now found myself today smiling at the wind as it thumped me at times, accepting that it was helping me to get fitter and stronger. No longer am I chuntering for it to 'cough' and calling it a 'bar steward.' Now from simply looking at it another way, I am taking comfort in the fact that my goals next year are even more achievable. How much easier will it be cycling when not windy?

My drive and end result is to raise awareness and funds but also to get people to notice, rather than take things for granted. How good does it feel do you think, for me to have achieved the ride and to sit down in a comfy chair out of the weather and have a hot drink?

Luxuries we can forget and take for granted.

Being in the moment and embracing and enjoying life's simplicities.

Occasionally things go wrong in life. This I have seen too many of during my career, as have so many others in the world. When we are in need of help, we ring the Ambulance, Police or Fire and expect them to turn up and help us, right? We forget that only last week or the day before we had either been involved or witnessed anyone of these Service personnel being abused and we did nothing. Then take this situation to the staff at Hospitals, doing the best they can to help you or your loved ones. Constantly under pressure and being verbally abused. Their time on duty is donated to others, we have no idea what they dealing with outside of this time.

How would it feel to be on the end of an outburst? Criticism and abuse is the first response for many. How did this happen? Conditioning and training. It can be retrained, it just takes effort and action.

We cannot unsee what we have seen and not unhear what we have heard.

This is where we as a society need to challenge the 'wrong-do'ers'. Wrong is still wrong. I won't go into this deeper as my energy and thoughts are not prepared to be drawn into these depths of 'wrongness.' It drains the energy from the best positive people. I wish to stay in a positive frame of mind. We already have too many critics, protestors and anti's...........we need more people to be 'do'ers.' Do what you say you will do, make it happen!

On a much more positive note, there are plenty of groups out there taking action in a positive way, regreening the world and cleaning up after the selfish lazy stupids, that think we owe them something!! The ones expecting the Services to turn up at the drop of a hat.

Be a 'do'er' and go out and plant trees, pick up rubbish and the more it is seen and practised, the more it becomes normal again. Setting standards for others to follow.

When idiots drop the rubbish out of their car window when a bin is behind them because they are just too lazy, is beyond me. But then eating quick fix rubbish quality foods is feeding this mentality.

I am just being honest. Or to leave their rubbish on a beach, because someone will come and pick it up because it's their job. No stupid! You, the public are paying more taxes to employ them to pick it up. Looking at the bigger picture and seeing the beautiful world we have, takes a conscious mind and time.

Time we haven't got a lot of. Time we take for granted.

Don't waste time. No of us know just how long we have.

Look at what you have and find gratitude, not attitude.

Be part of something special and make a difference.

Inspiring another person takes action and kindness.

Encouraging another and yourself can have endless rewarding results.

Trust me, I embraced the headwinds and kept going and took full advantage of the downhill and tailwinds. Acknowledging the good times too. This is very important.

Being in the moment and positively looking forward.

We can all reach our goals and challenges, just take as much time as we need.

Your expectations of me and those in the Emergency Services can compound and contribute to highlighting our own imperfections. None of us can be perfect, but we are doing our best. What is said can have a huge effect on those receiving it.

Not one of those who signed up to help wants to fail, so please consider their feelings before ripping into them.

You never know how close they may be to breaking point.

Consideration and thoughtfulness ........

Let this be the new trend.

This is infectious and positive.

Encourage and inspire.

Take time out to sit and reflect.

Look for the alternatives and the positives.

We've got this, together, everything is easier.

Sending out good energy to all.

Stay connected and reach out if needed.

Make a difference.

Keep safe.


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