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Taking back control of your thoughts!

We are all facing yet another enforced reduction of our freedom.

The dreaded.......Lockdown. Let's hope it's not as long as last time, (104 days).

But before we choose to react, be it, rage, worry or doom, never forget we have a CHOICE.

We have a choice of how we react and respond.

Some Countries and Counties are stricter than others, but whatever the level, it may have a huge effect on our emotional wellbeing, which in turn leads to our physical wellbeing too.

Having the freedom to roam and move about does help control anxiety and stress.

Physical activity will reduce Cortisol and Anxiety.

Remember we don't need a huge space to do exercise and move, it doesn't have to be crazy either, just stretch and keep your energy flowing around your body.

Take inspiration from people who have endured horrendous conditions and survived. I am inspired by the resilience of so many. Plus the fact that we are all in this together.

We as a species need human interaction, we are social creatures so keep in touch with friends and family. Just be mindful of the conversations. Some people are already struggling before this was added to the equation. Recognise the power of laughter and smiling.

The banter around the mess table after attending a difficult incident was what helped us deal with what we just witnessed.

Keep reminding yourself of all the good things you've done, witnessed and enjoyed.

We can and will think irrationally and replay scenarios over and over again in our heads if we choose!

We can choose to re-frame how we think and see it from another perspective or angle. Remember a mind is a powerful tool and our thoughts control our actions and responses.

This is a massive positive and you are in control.

Restrictions or not, you still have choices.

This is where we teach ourselves to be mindful of our thoughts, as this will affect our responses.

Yet the more we sit and worry about it the more we wind ourselves up and start the process of something we know deep down isn't doing us any good.

How do I deal with this?

I exercise, I do what I need to do, it's not set, I just do when I feel like it. For others, you may find setting a timetable and routine works best.

Don't waste this given time, be productive and have positive intentions.

The simple step maybe to reduce your time on social media, or at least scroll past the negative stuff, it's still important to stay connected and definitely the news media as it's all negative news and speculation of horror and doom.

Secondly, feel yourself changing when you start to engage in this process. Identify your Triggers.

Eat healthily and sleep well. As best you can in your circumstances.

You are in complete control of how you wish to continue.

Negativity is widespread and so many are giving off this energy and others are absorbing it.

Imagine if the news reported some good that was going on.

Instantly how would that make you feel?

You've hopefully changed your thoughts to something that has made you feel good.

See you are in control. The fact that there is indeed good going on in the world, gives us all HOPE!

Hope and good vibes are also infectious, helping others, no matter what colour kin or creed should make no difference.

Small acts are small to you but huge to the receiver.

I've rescued and helped people of all nationalities and varying ages, all treated with care and respect, for they are in the desperate hour of need.

Acts of random kindness from complete strangers............

This is humanity at its best, coming together for each other.

The big difference for me now from when I was in the Service is I can be real with my emotions, more so now as I have a better understanding of the effects its had on me and I am no longer in the Officer in Charge role of dealing with an incident and looking after the public and crews safety. It's not healthy to bottle it up and push it down, the cells of your body are changing.

Stress comes in many forms and some stressors are actually good for us if in small doses.

We can cope with stress to a certain level. Prolonged stress is another story.

High Cortisol levels for long periods will have an effect on your body, not just your mind.

So yes we have freedom restrictions, but we are still here and breathing. Here in this moment.

Look for the good things in life, be thankful for your simplicities and find the beauty of life and nature all around you.

Your mind and imagination, has no limitations or boundaries, use it work in your favour.

Keep safe, in touch and have hope and believe in yourself and others.

Imagine if everyone in the world carried out one act of kindness right now.

How blessed would we all be?

Stay safe


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