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Taking the time to environment!! Or am I just more aware.

After much decision making and stress we decided we needed to move on from our lovely home in France, after previously realising I had to move away from the UK to try and make my business of the Birds of Prey work better, but also to change my environment from where I had absorbed over the years, so much trauma.

Seeing road junctions brought back instant memories and it was not good for my health.

Sadly the bird of prey business didn't work out in France and it was never the same after that.

Empty field where once stood my aviaries and birds was hard to see daily.

My energy had gone along with my birds of prey business. What had been my alternative therapy for over 14 years whilst in the Fire Service was now lost. This was a huge wrench and I'm still adjusting even now a year plus later.

Out in the fields and connecting with nature, well couldn't get a lot closer really lol.

We looked at many options and put every positive and negative possibility on the table so to speak to work out what was best for us. In the end we came up with a completely new environment and a new Country. Plus the added emotional pull wanting to see family that not seen for so long due to the restrictions. This is hard and I miss them dearly xxx

Much planning and admittedly a lot of stress, followed by a 950 miles drive in pretty much horrendous weather all the way down from the Pyrenees France, down through Spain and into Portugal until we reached the Algarve.

It has rained here for over a week and we've had strong winds, but the last couple of days have been calm and sunny.

What maybe I've started to notice is how much more aware I am of things and surroundings and of peoples energy.

On the journey down, as we were in separate cars, you can allow your mind to wander more, you question yourself rather than look to others for the answers. You see the changes in rock formations and the variations of trees and farming. Landscapes roll from one into the next, subtle changes. The feel of energy from people as you stop for a bite to eat and fuel changes from where we were, even back in the UK. The energy of people has been affected globally as we all know.

Wow, how I can recall my energy en route to a house fire, this time being in the back so wearing BA and going in. You are aware of your mind racing ahead and almost seeing what you might be up against based on experience and the information you have been given. Then radio chirps's "persons reported".......someone is still inside. Everything clicks up yet another level. You check and recheck your fire gloves are handy to grab and and cyclinder valve and demand valve all good, pressure gauge and contents. No time to delay as precious seconds count now even more so.

Seconds really do count, so make the most of all of them.

So with all this going on and you're still in the back of the truck whizzing along, I was aware of the energy from the driver and of the crew. You are all looking out windows for the smoke plume, and from here reading just how bad it is. If it's billowing out thick black smoke it is going really well, if its grey smoke some other truck is in attendance and water is being put on it. It varies but there are subtle signs in the smoke plume.

You have to take a few deep breaths and remain calm. Hasty reactions will most likely cost you your life. But I was also aware of nervous humour at times too and you think, uuum that was how they are dealing with it. We all can se the same incident but deal with it differently depending on how much our tolerance level is at that given time.

We have to have a slightly dark humour to help process and deal with and continue.

Adrenaline and cortisol levels are through the roof, blood pumping fast you can almost hear it in your ears, even over the sirens. But you're here, doing what you signed up for and hopefully making a difference to someone else's life. That's why we joined, to save life, protect property and render humanitarian services. And later it was added protect the environment.

Seems world away as does the wooded area and mountain view we had in France less than 2 weeks ago.....

I sit now and look at a harbour and an old castle dating back to the 500's. The sea and still some green land and trees in between.

But as I sit quietly I can hear and feel the tidal flow in the distance.

On the beach thee other day we were watching the tide break in almost perfect sink along a 1km beach, absolutely fascinating. What effects the tides have on such a wide expanse of mass. Yet yesterday was the beginning of a new moon and the tides were almost in sink but had a slight cross from right to left and slightly more force.

Is this the magnetic draw of this slither of the new moon?

Difficult to get a real feel as like most of the world, the Algarve has restrictions, so the place is very quiet. The beach opposite us is still open at the moment so we are taking advantage of this while we can.

We aim to get up early and sit on the beach for sun rise.

Just to sit and be mindful and in the moment.


Because I am listening to my body..........I am no longer responding to someone else's emergency.

My body and mind also needs to heal and this is so important.

I owe it to myself to heal too.

I am aware of my aches and pains and triggers from life in the service, but I am also more aware how I am not responding to them as much as I used to.

I acknowledge them, see them for what they are and reframe situations if needs be and then let them go................... like the tides rolling in and retreating again.

Tides are affected by the magnetic draw of the moon.

The world is near on 80% water and oceans.

The human body is made up of around 80% fluid.

This magnetic energy has to be having an effect on you.

Don't fight it, embrace it and go with the flow.

Ripples will spread far and wide.

Take time to acknowledge your health matters and issues

Trust me you don't have to be in the Emergency Services to absorb stress, it's happening all over the place with so many people.

Partners and kids will absorb your stresses too.

What we can be in control of is our own energy and how we give it out and what we let back in.

Only by not being distracted all the time can we start to notice.

Be kind to yourself and make time to just be.

I hope my positive feel good energy reaches you .....

Keep safe and connected with loved ones, family and friends.

Spot the new moon!!


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