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What if?..........................Then what if maybe?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

What if.........

...........................I've been pondering over so much stuff lately.

What if today I'm just having a bad day?

Maybe it's the change in weather, the time of year or the world's energy in these strange times?

Or just a reflection on where I am in my life at present?

Who knows?

Questioning and retracing many thoughts and decisions.

We are all facing challenges of varying degrees and sometimes life steers us in a direction for reasons beyond our control.

I've got to the point of......... do I even bother writing any more blogs or Instagram posts?


What if my experiences and writings are making little or no difference?

What if no-one really cares?

What if everyone is just too busy?

What if I am having an adverse effect on some people who may be in a dark place right now?

What if people are judging and labelling me?

What if I am overthinking and over analysing what I've written?

What if it's just easier to keep it all locked in and to myself?

What if it feels pointless talking as no-one is listening anyway?

What if the world feels cold and heartless with uncaring and unseeing eyes?

I could go on, but it's a tad depressing.

So then I do what I do best.

I am never down for long.

I get back up stronger and more determined.

I change my energy by moving my body through exercise.

Tough decisions usually for me get worked out through tough challenging exercise.

I hope I can inspire others to motivate and challenge themselves

Progress is still progress.

Moving forward gets you closer to your end goals.

And in doing so, we then have a new mindset...................

So, then what if maybe?..........

Then what if maybe I've reached out at the right time for others and given them something to cling to?

Then what if maybe a glimmer of hope has shone through that people aren't alone and their voice is being heard.

Then what if maybe those who judge others have no idea of exactly what roads have been trodden and troubles have been faced, but now have a better understanding.

Then what if maybe we have acknowledgement and an outstretched hand before us..

Then what if maybe someone is prepared to listen and care.

Then what if maybe there is a shoulder to lean on and have support.

Then what if maybe we realise we are all in this together and here for each other.

Then what if maybe we realise we all have different coping capacities every day.

Then we have hope and humanity is at its best.................

I recall whilst on nights being called out to a man threatening to jump from a bridge. It was a cold night around 2am and we arrived to find an ambulance and police car under a bridge. They were all up on top. Not clear until we reached them what was going on.

They were all clinging onto a man through the railings.

Clearly desperate as he was around 16 stone plus just wanting to drop.

We had already pre-planned the kit needed, and without thought or debate I volunteered.

Being from a rope rescue station deemed the best person at the time to go over.

Harness on and attached securely. Time was of the essence as lactic acid and fatigue was clearly setting in on all holding him. There was a very real chance of them breaking an arm on the railings if he moved sideways too.

So I'm breaking the rules again as should stay back and in charge, but with a very capable crew that I had with me, I had no doubts, plus the fact that we were all together within 3 metres of each other. So I find myself hugging this gentleman under the arms and 1 leg up under his groin. Some relief for the weight being held by the Police crew and Ambulance crew. But he was a big guy. They held on with such courage for such a long time.

What was going through this guys mind? I couldn't comprehend.

We are here to save life, not judge.

After quite some time, I really have no idea just how long, but very aware of this huge guy sitting on my leg and relaxing just wanting to drop and end his life.

What had he been through up until this point?

What if the dog walker hadn't gone out at that time?

We finally got him talking and he understood we were listening to him. We were here for him.

I asked if he could help me as I was struggling with gripping rails and holding up his weight.

I asked if he could move his right leg, (deliberately tapping his left leg with my left hand,) and asking if he could stand on my left leg to help climb back over, using it as a step.

He was engaging with us and replied that it was his left leg, not his right leg..

He was back to thinking and responding. I played along with it saying it was because I was tiring and he needed to help me. He was moving and helping himself now with support.

We got him over, bundled and pushed, certainly, no-one let go.

Phew, it was a team effort all the way and we had done successfully achieved it.

Being honest I am totally unaware of the gentleman's outcome other than he lived that night down to others helping him and listening to him..............Utmost respect to the Police and Amb crews and my fine crew. We all came together to accomplish a difficult task.

With the weight removed I now had serious pins and needles in arms and legs and had to be dragged back over too. Funny to watch, but I remained on the floor for ages, waiting for my circulation to settle.

My point here is we do things to help others not for praise or recognition.

We do it as an act of humanity at its best.

What if........we all turned a blind eye?

What if maybe........we all come together for each other, encourage and give genuine praise.

Recognise and reward people for their actions. Police, Fire, Ambulance, Doctors, Teachers, the list goes on....

(photo credit by Paladin27)

What if maybe we wake up and see what's happening to others and ourselves?

What if maybe we all start caring and helping others and oursleves?

What if maybe little acts of random kindness become normal with no expected praise?

What if maybe this ripple effect spreads?

What if maybe this resonates with you?

What if maybe I let go of fear and be heard?

My stone has been cast..........................


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