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What is Mental Health to you?

Mental Health has a positive side too.

So often now the emphasis is on the negative side of mental health. We have to remind ourselves there are 2 sides. Maybe we should focus more on the positives instead.

If you're in a shite place, do you want to stay here and build a house to live?

Probably not....especially when there are better options within your control.

I've not been on here for ages, due to moving house and country, back into full-time employment, and managing a team in a high stressed environment. You may be thinking why? It's ok....I now have a better understanding and the tools within me to deal with whatever is thrown at me, and able to support those within my team too.

My post this time is to highlight the benefits of support and encouragement and the value of being heard and seen.

I am honored to be joining and supporting 2 young men who will be cycling 140 miles in 1 day to their best mate's favorite beach and back. (Chippenham to Bournemouth and back)

Raising awareness of Mental Health, Suicide, and in memory of their best friend, Jordan.

Plus raising funds for MIND CHARITY.

Our brains can control so much.

We are in control of whether we focus on the negatives or the positives in life. I know this is incredibly difficult depending on what's happening around us. But maybe if we take gentle movements we can give ourselves a little less burden and clearer thinking.

All I'm doing is offering self-help options that will allow you to feel empowered again.

Rewiring our neural pathways is possible. There is hope and recovery from dark places.

How do we start? Maybe trying simple steps in the way of movement and exercise, creating a shift and flow of energy. It will very likely feel awkward and strange, even sparking emotion and screaming at you to stop.

May pause here and acknowledge these feelings for what they are. If you've been under pressure for a long time, your body will possibly have suppressed your emotions and feelings, what's the phrase....numbed the pain? So, creating a flow and shift will bring you directly back into your body again. This is where exercise comes into its own. Anything strenuous will very quickly make you aware of your body. Aching muscles, breathlessness. The list is endless right?

You are now becoming aware of your body again. Take the time to feel it ache. Feel where you are breathing, into the chest or the stomach, is it rapid or slow, deep or shallow.

Be aware of the changes as you recover.

These simple examples prove that you are ultimately in control. Not only what you do physically but also what you think, which in turn affects how you respond.

Shift the energy through movement.

This will in turn allow rational thinking to be heard and seen in our own heads.

Journal your thoughts, especially if you can't share them with anyone. Read them back. It may help you process your situation.

Everyone is unique so everyone's path to where they don't want to be is their path.

What we all can do is Support and Encourage along the way.

Being heard and seen are incredibly powerful. We are all worthy and valued.

Remember to remind yourself if having doubts. You are amazing and look back at what you have been through. You're tougher than you think.

So if you haven't already, pick up the phone and text your mates.

Check-in on each other.

It maybe exactly hat is needed right now.

Your call, your voice and just being there to listen, not judge or give answers.....just listen and be present....may make all the difference.

Everyone would rather pick up the phone or answer the door at day hour.....reach out and speak out. I choose to focus on the good, and help, not only myself but also others, so they don't have to hit lows.

I'm sure it will be an emotional day, and a tough challenge, with a few cheeky steep hills.

But we will have a very clear WHY we are there.

In memory of Jordan

If only ....... or what if maybe.....

We can all make a difference.

We all need support and Encouragement

If you wish to donate please follow the link


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