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When you notice yourself shrinking away...

It's the Easter break and the masses are gathering and seeking a break from work allowing themselves to recharge.

Here in the Algarve, Portugal the heat is readily rising and already 26 degrees at noon. How this has changed so rapidly from the cool air and stillness of this morning, from an empty car park and a quiet beach to a hustle and bustle of people excited to have sand under their feet.

And so do I, but not today.

So, why am I shrinking away from it all? I'm not antisocial and enjoy being sociable, maybe it's the lack of sleep and in turn the lack of energy following the second run of 1-hour dentistry. Fixing a tooth problem that was caused many years ago from Karate and left for too long due to 2020 restrictions and then moving Country. Yes, all of it was our choice and these are the consequences. To lay still for an hour and endure pain isn't unusual for me, well maybe the laying still part. That's life, we just keep going and deal with what we have to deal with.

Maybe it's the lack of sleep from the aching jaw. Seriously I'd rather have had a punch in the face, it's less painful than 4 root canal fillings all in the same place. Nice? No!

And no you cannot form a que!! haha I will fight back haha

But the point here is to not let things become big problems.

So, sitting quietly out on the balcony watching the masses gather to enjoy their day and weekend off, I find myself pulling away and seeking quiet and calm. Identifying that I need to rest and recover. I've already dismissed cycling today, as the soup, I just about managed to eat last night isn't sufficient to go out and do 60 plus km on. Even stretching this morning I could feel the tightness in my lower back from being tired.

Stress and tension can and will be held in various parts of our body, even our digestive system.

I'm not depressed, so do not label me as so, but I can as do many others at times just need to stop and conserve their own energy and not have others bouncing around them. Just to be left alone.

Being alone is ok, as long as you recognise and see that you still need connection and contact, albeit, visually and/or verbally with others. We are a social species remember.

I am happy on my own and ok with the thoughts that can arise when quiet and still. Why? Because I have accepted so much by processing things through.

Asking questions of ourselves, especially difficult questions takes courage and action. It is too easy to shove it to one side and park it, so to speak, and ignore it. That would be like having a stone in your shoe. You are fully aware it's there, and yet it's uncomfortable. Occasionally it will move in your shoe as you're walking and doesn't irritate you. But deep down you know that it isn't going to go away and you have the means to fix it.

Stop, pause and deal with it.

The stone may have caused a blister or sore and you will have a reminder for a while, but you have eliminated the main problem.

Having a stone in my shoe, I certainly wouldn't run a race. It's a simple act and thought process, but the key is not to ignore it.

Mental health issues are easily pushed down, but they will not be gone. We owe it to ourselves to be happy and healthy.

We don't have to all be shouting and cheering and in a huge crowd to see our successes and reach our goals. Our own individual races and challenges can be achieved with quiet determination and of course with action.

The point here is not to ignore something if it's troubling you, talk to your wife, husband, partner, friends, colleagues, boss, and professionals, (in person or on line,) even say things out loud to another, hearing your own voice and being heard makes a huge difference.

Recognise when you need to rest and recover, give yourself a chance to recharge.

Today I have cleaned both my wife's and my mountain bikes for maybe Sunday and I intend to ride out tomorrow if I sleep well tonight, and we may go for a stroll along the boardwalk and clifftops away from the crowds, where we can connect with nature, feel the openness of the ocean and allow our minds to just be.

Whatever you do, capture moments and enjoy.

Just know it's also ok to go quiet and within if you are allowing yourself time to recharge and recover.

Mental Health and Physical Health complement each other.

Do what you need to do to be happy.

Sending positive vibes and energy and a quiet calmness to all.

My energy has changed from beginning this, to finishing it.

Journalling definitely helps me.


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